Types of Dates

Types of Dates

Types of Dates


Types of Dates:

There are several varieties of dates depending upon the cultivars. Some of the popular varieties of dates include the following:

1. Majdool: This origin of this variety is in Morocco. These are large and extremely delicious with a rich toffee-like flavor.

2. Barhi: This variety is native to Basra in Iraq. These are round and mild amber to darkish brown in color (on ripening). They are gentle with thicker flesh and luxurious taste.

3. Halawy: This variety is native to Iraq. These are incredibly sweet and small to moderate in size.

4. Dayri: Also known as the Monastery Date, these dates are lengthy, slim, black in color and gentle.

5. Deglet Noor: This is one of the best varieties available in Algeria and Tunisia. These are semi dry and not so sweet. They are mostly used in cooking.

6. Saidy: These are extremely popular in Libya and extremely sweet. They are mostly grown in hot weather conditions.

7. Maktoom: This variety is huge, thick skinned and reddish brown in color. They are gentle and moderately sweet.

8. Hayani: They are substantially grown in Egypt. These are gentle and dark red to black in color.

9. Migraf: Also known as Mejraf, they are popular in Southern Yemen because of their excellent quality. These are large and golden amber in color.

10. Iteema: This variety is native to Algeria and is extremely sweet. These are big, oblong in shape and mild amber in color.