Kingdom Dates was established in the summer of 1987 and incorporated under the existing laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
The main objective of the establishment of the company was to improve the Saudi Arabian dates sector and its methods of delivery.
At the time of the establishment of the company came a new thought in the concept of trading dates, the main purpose of which was to grow in the manufacture and marketing of dates inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We initiated our work in Riyadh, which consisted of one branch and a number of fourteen distinctive employees with high expertise, and this is evident by the progress of our sales significantly.
With the increase in the demand for dates and products, Kingdom Dates has been keen to provide services of a distinguished level to its customers in retail sales and wholesale. And to keep pace with the increased demand for dates in the Saudi market, Kingdom Dates has opened more branches in other major cities within the Kingdom as part of its plans to expand the circle of customers.
The company has grown significantly in sales over the last decade. In 1997, the company expanded its business and moved to a new shift in the dates industry by introducing new products. The company continued to expand its operations during this period , beginning with Gulf and Arab countries, South Africa and Asia. We look forward to opening several branches in the Arab countries and internationally.

General Manager's Message

I am very pleased to welcome our valued visitors. Since Kingdom Dates' foundation,  its first concern is to reach the summit and achieving what it aspires won't come a long way until reaching its goal.
We have been doing so only with great efforts from all the team members, who work in a team spirit and always take the interest of the client and the work into account. As the field of work is a sophisticated field that needs high quality,specialized technology and modern purification, our obsession is to develop our capabilities and mechanisms, to follow the change in the world of quality and technology first hand, and to bring every talk to the negation of purpose. The imposition of the client is a policy we will never give up on.
The diversity of the art of design, the creation of new and unprecedented ideas, the knowledge of the taste of the customer and its translation to the ground, a high priority we set in mind, and the adoption of new ideas will always help us with keeping pace with everything that is new and sophisticated in the world of dates and derivatives industries.  Bringing skilled hands, expertise, the best recruitment and development of the sons of the homeland contribute to the promotion of the date sector at the level of the company and the nation.
Best regards,
Engr. Sultan Saleh Althonyan
General Manager

Mission and Vision

Kingdom Dates established in the Kingdom to provide the local market with high quality, locally produced and fresh dates from the farm of Saudi origin with a vision to expand the sale of Saudi dates to Local and international markets.
At the beginning of the new millennium, the Kingdom's Dates have a vision to create a leading position in the growth markets.

Management Team

The Kingdom's dates are managed by a group of experienced senior managers headed by our General Manager, and has extensive experience in producing and processing Saudi dates in the local market. He was responsible for the market growth of the company, the introduction of its factories, the establishment of its various stores and exhibitions in the main cities of Saudi Arabia.
The Kingdom Dates has well experience administrative staff and more than 400 highly trained factory workers dedicated to providing the best quality of standards selected for the market. Each employee contributes and shares his experiences towards one common goal and surpasses the production and marketing of superior dates that successfully meet customer expectations

Marketing Strategy

Kingdom Dates is working closely to fulfill our customers' desires and remain at the forefront of our business. This comes from our in-house international search for everything that ensures that our products are presented as best as possible, including excellence in innovation, production and adherence to the highest standards of quality and cleanliness.
The Kingdom's Dates products have a high share of the local and international market for dates, and the global market share accounts for about 15% of the total sales of the company.
We have taken ourselves to continue to innovate in the marketing of dates through the introduction of new and innovative products of dates and make them a major component of both Eastern and Western sweets in various forms and make this is a strategy for marketing dates
We are working hard in the presence of a large number of branches and distribution agents inside and outside the Kingdom, while continuing to increase this in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad, where our proportion of sales outside the Kingdom more than 15% of the total sales of the company and we seek to upgrade them in line with the vision of 2030 to become the Kingdom of the most important Dates exporters


Markets Coverage

The Kingdom Dates has many distribution centers, several main warehouses and a refrigerated transport fleet serving our outlets throughout the Kingdom. Currently, the Kingdom's dates have achieved a significant market share in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world.