Our Farms

Our Farms

Kingdom Dates has its own farms in different areas in Riyadh and Qassim. We try our best in our agricultural projects to produce different types of dates with high quality and good control for the implementation of agricultural processes and programs according to the highest international standards that guarantee the safety of products of any color and the most important pesticide residues. The products of all these residences are supervised by a distinguished group of highly experienced engineers.

The Kingdom Dates also manage a number of farms containing at least 250 thousand palm trees.

Varieties Produced

The farm maintains a nursery to carefully select only the date palms of the highest quality, which results in the production of adult palms that produce only the healthiest fruits.
Hundreds of date palms are carefully inspected on a regular basis for the protection of the fruits from birds and infestation. The trained farm team first ensures the quality of fruits during harvesting and then begins the process of sorting, grading, fumigating and cleaning of dates prior to transportation to its manufacturing facilities.

Technology & Equipment

The company’s processing procedures of the dates pass through a rigid quality control and state-of-the-art machinery, which is especially adapted to the specific needs of the company’s processes.
The technology used for washing and conditioning line contains special equipment for optimal preparation of the dates whether they are to be packed in their natural state, to be handled further, or to be processed into other dates products prior to packaging.
Dates are normally packed in units of different weight categories in peelable rigid thermoform plastic film packs, or pouch bag packs, automatically produced from roll-machines, or in fancy carton, or tin containers.
The state-of-the-art machines and equipment are imported directly from European manufacturers to guarantee the hi-tech process. The company is capable of handling its own packaging in different sizes and weights through the acquisition of various packaging machines from the same source.
Specially designed weighing machines are used to achieve the correct weight as packaging.

Kingdom Dates Farm 1

Kingdom Dates Farm 2